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High-performance athletes push their limits, and commit themselves to greatness. Mental conditioning is critical to athletic success & unlocking potential. At MindLock, we aim to enhance and control Peak Performance Access - securing the boundaries of the mind so it becomes impenetrable to incoming threats. At the time of competition, every element in the mind should exist there because it was carefully placed there, locked off to all forms of distraction. By strengthening the security of the mind, athletes stay locked-in, and perform at the level they work so hard to achieve.

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At MindLock, we are committed to the pursuit of greatness that the next generation of athletes embark on, and use personalized tools and exercises in order to go above and beyond to cater to their needs.


  • With the help of Dylan and Mindlock, the final goal is easier to achieve. Setting small goals has allowed me to gain confidence and aid in my ultimate goal. I have noticed significant changes within my team, becoming more focused, goal oriented and eager to reach their goals

    - Kavin Assadian

  • Mindlock has helped me discover what I need to improve on mentally, and tackle it - leading to great self-development within the first couple of months. With his guidance, experience, and understanding Dylan is an excellent mentor and I am excited to see the improvement in years to come!

    - Daniel Luchian

  • Dylan's knowledge, understanding, and compassion provides a healthy environment where I feel free to share and grow. Mindlock provides great tools that are helpful for mental training - strengthening core areas like confidence, visualization, and motivation

    - Ian Chan