About The Company:

Pioneering the new age of mental training for champions.

The Champion's Choice

Trusted by clients in over sixty cities and fifteen countries across the globe, MindLock has established itself as an authority in mental training for elite athletes and corporate professionals. Working with clients in organizations such as the UFC, Bellator, NCAA, Olympics and more has allowed us to refine a practical approach to mental skill development that generates consistent success at the highest levels.

All Athletes. All Sports. A Winning Formula Curated For High Performers.

About The Founder:

Dylan Nadler, Founder, MindLock

Former captain of the Canadian National Taekwondo team with a Top-40 world ranking, Dylan has experienced the peak of athletics as both a competitor and as a mental coach. Today, his work with athletes involves taking a psychological and behavioural approach to mastering winning at high levels. Dylan has provided hundreds of athletes in some of the largest sporting organizations with the tools they need to consistently perform at their best.


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