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Personalized programs designed for the modern day athlete.

Johnny "Diamond Hands" Eblen

Bellator World Champion

"MindLock has really helped my mental game. Having a mental coach has kept me on point with my goals, keeps me disciplined, and has me improving every single week!"

Jazzy "Princess Jasmine" Parr

WIBA World Champion

"No matter how physically strong you are, if your mental game is weak you will never be able to perform at your full potential. I've loved working with MindLock and am so thankful to have them as a part of my team"

Ross "Turbo" Levine

Karate Combat Champion

"MindLock has played a pivotal role in my training. The way I approach each session, and prepare myself for each and every day has put me in a position to get the very most out of everything I do"

The Winning Difference

Develop the tools you need to compete at your best.


A mental training program specifically tailored to your unique skillset.


Designed to accommodate even the busiest of elite competitors.

Live & Online

Access to support anywhere, and anytime both live and online.

Individual Programs

Personalized 1-on-1 mental training sessions designed to develop individual mental skills.

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1-on-1 Live & Online Coaching

Extensive Training Exercises

24/7 Messaging Access

Video Breakdowns & Analysis

Team Programs

Group sessions designed to enhance team cohesion and maximize performance results.

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Multi-Sport Personalization

Athlete & Coach Consulting

Individual Support

Video Breakdowns & Analysis

Workshops & Seminars

Collaborative sessions designed for groups to learn and engage in enhancing mental training skills.

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Diverse Topic Selection

Extensive Training Activities

Tactical Exercises

Professional Case Studies

The program world champions trust with their careers

Every athlete deserves to experience the best version of themselves. At MindLock, we help bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be."

– Dylan Nadler, Founder, MindLock


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